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6 Top Steps to Grow Summer Flowering Bulbs Outdoors

Summer bulbs are outstanding plants as they are colourful, showy and much easier to grow. They have the unique ability of blooming each summer or spring for several years as long as their soil conditions remain fertile and well-drained.

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If you want to add some exotic splash of lovely colours to your outdoor space, then you can grow summer flower bulbs. Some of the common examples of summer flower bulbs are dahlia, caladium, gladiolus, lilies, etc. You need to plant them early in spring and make sure that the area where you are planting them has adequate drainage. They are best planted between the month of March and June.

Here, in this post we will focus on planting summer flowering bulbs for gardeners who are thinking to plant them outdoors. Summer bulbs are just perfect for outdoors and add interesting colours to the borders of your patio space or garden.

Why you should consider growing summer flower bulbs?

  • They bring an impressive range of colourful flowers in your garden every year
  • Some summer bulbs such as lilies and gladioli need to be planted only once and then can be completely left on their own.
  • You can easily plant them in borders or containers
  • They are much easier to grow. All you need to do is plant them well and water them regularly

Several summer bulbs require a well-drained site which further prevents rotting and moulding. Improving the quality of soil and manure will help flower bulbs to grow, bloom and store energy. The thumb rule for growing these bulbs is plant them about three times deep as their diameter. The package in which these bulbs come will usually give you information about the planting depth for these bulbs.

Let us have a look at important steps about how to plant summer bulbs:
1. If you are deciding to grow flower bulbs as annuals, then no special feeding is required for it.

2. The area where you are deciding to plant these bulbs should be free from weeds. Why? If weeds are present in that area, then it would compete with the plant for essential nutrients and water.

3. It is very essential to make sure that these bulbs are watered well and are allowed to dry out between watering. You should start watering them only when the buds appear on the plant and if the soil is dry.

4. Provide proper amount of fertilizers to them

5. To plant them, you should dig a wide and deep hole to allow the roots of these bulbs to spread properly. Then plant it at the same depth.

6. You should cover the bulb bed with about 2 or 3 inches of mulch to lessen variation in temperature. This in turn will also maintain the most favourable moisture level in the planting bed.

Thus, it can be said that summer flower bulbs are worthy of investment and supply years of interesting colours in your garden space or yard.

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