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Advantages and Disadvantages of Small Livestock in Your Organic Farm

1-17 Advantages and Disadvantages of Small Livestock in Your Organic FarmWhat could be the benefits of tending a small livestock in organic farming? Whether it’s a mini herd of goats, llamas, or lambs, what can the farmers profit from them?


Before answering those questions, there are also disadvantages when you start tending these herds. Here are some of them:


–          First and foremost, herds are expensive. There are several things to consider in the budgeting. You have to build fences in order to keep the animals from going astray and from predators. They have to eat of course, so that’s another consideration. To make them healthy, you have to go to the vets and that means another expense—you’ll pay the doctor and you will buy some vaccines.


Other materials you must consider while budgeting are heat lamps, stock tanks, and water heaters.


–          There are a few people who will buy offsprings—if there are any. Sometimes, there are no people within driving distance who will buy the offsprings.


–          The herd will also disturb you during ironical periods. During winter, you will be forced to go out and check on them even the weather is so nasty. During springtime, the mothers will disturb you when it’s time for them to give birth—and that occurs any time of the day.


So what will be the advantages of having a small herd? Here are some of them:


–          First and foremost, witnessing an animal giving life to its offsprings is an incomparable experience—nothing can top that.

–          Because they are on an organic farm, which has a healthy surrounding, their natural foods are healthy too. Thus, when you eat their meat, you will have the nutrients you need.


According to some medical experts, animals which are raised on an organic farm have many medical benefits. They can even cure some diseases.


–          Animals from any kind of farm are very profitable. They have many uses not only to the family table but also in other fields such as cosmetics, upholstery, sports, arts, and more. The swine have by-products like rubber, buttons, glass, matches, china, floor wax, glue, water filters, crayon, and more.


–          Livestock production will also benefit the economy as it will create more jobs.


–          Animals on the farm are also good pets. They can be the sources of your happiness. Time with them can be a bonding moment with your family. Your kids will definitely love playing with them.


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