Posted July 30, 2012 by atanas in Information

Buying Organic Farming Seeds

When you’re ready to start growing organic plants on your farm or in your garden, you need to start with great organic seeds. So how do you know what seeds are going to be authentic, and which are the best to use? You want to find a local organic farmer in your area that is already growing organic plants, and purchase the seeds from them. A plant geneticist, Dr. John Navazio, recently talked about the problems with seed farms. Large farms that grow plants to package organic seeds often use pesticides that are enhanced with chemicals and synthetic materials, making the seeds not completely organic.

Another benefit of getting seeds from an organic farmer in the area is that you know that the seeds are going to do well in your climate. The seeds from a farmer in another area of the country may not do well in the area that you live, and purchasing seeds that have already been successful in your region is going to increase your chances of growing a successful garden. You also want to avoid hybrid seeds, since these were often enhanced with some type of fertilizers, and you can’t be sure if these fertilizers were really organic or not.

If you can’t find someone local who has seeds for sale, you can look online for certified distributors that are monitored for organic practices. Always save your seeds from successful plants. Not only is this going to save you money the next planning season, since you won’t have to purchase any, but you will know that the seeds came off plants, fruits, and vegetables that did well on your own farm. You can easily keep these seeds in bags with labels for the next year.

Starting an organic garden is going to require you to prepare the ground properly, create organic compost, and many other things, but one of the most important features of your practices is going to be the seeds that are used. Be sure that you get seeds that are 100 percent organic, and keep your seeds for the future seasons.

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