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How Can You Help the Up and Coming Organic Farmers?

1-16 How Can You Help the Up and Coming Organic FarmersThe United States of America is undergoing some kind of a revolution. And it is not with guns, swords or cannons, but with shovels, soil forks, and weeders.


Yes, a growing number of people are rallying towards organic farming. More and more people, from various ages and backgrounds, are driven to go farming—whether they have knowledge about it or none at all. They are so passionate and most eager to put their innocent hands in the soil and eventually feel the contentment as they grow healthy and fresh organic foods.


These eager new farmers are coming from various places: College graduates, war veterans, and second-career retirees. They have their own reasons. Some would like to feed their family with organic produces. Some are finding fruitful employment. Some would just like to help mother nature rise from the challenges of global warming. Whatever their reasons are, the fact is that the food culture of America is being revolutionized.


Now, if you are not one of these people, if you don’t want to enter organic farming, how can you help these enthusiastic individuals? Here are three advices on how to assist them:


Buy and Eat


Obviously, the first thing you should do to help them is to purchase and eat the food they grow. It is important that you shop at the farmer’s market. You can also say “thank you” to them for bringing foods on your table. They face many problems and struggles in growing organic foods, so your gratitude will surely feel them better—it will make a lot more difference.


Share A Land


The first challenge these people are facing is finding the right land to farm. If you own a land, you can lend it to them. Besides, you’ll have a share in their produces—it depends upon your agreement. But it is important to think that you are giving your land to help these individuals and mother nature.


If you don’t own a land, you can still help. Maybe you belong to a certain church or a land trust. They can lend their lands. Besides, it’s for a good purpose.


Vote for Them


There are states that ask the insights of citizens about the local farms and how the government can better help them. Whenever you are asked, always bear in mind the welfare and future of these new farmers. So even if you don’t have money to buy their products or land to share with them, you can be a good citizen and vote for their rights.


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