Posted March 25, 2012 by awentzel in News

Herbal Drugs Researched in Philippines

Filipino pharmaceutical company Pascual Laboratories Inc (PLI) has decided to go green in order to find its own source of reliable organic medicinal plants.  PLI has started up a company, Leoni Agri Corp (LAC) to head its efforts on two farming properties – a 30-hectare farm in Bataan and a 42-hectare one in Nueva Ecija.

Previously, PLI had to gather raw materials from scattered and unreliable sources, however, the seventy-two hectares of farmland are a stable source of medicinal plants and vegetables like lettuce, okra, squash and string beans.  The farms are being fertilized with organic materials as well as enhanced microorganisms.

“We decided to go into organic farming because we believe once a patient is cured, he should be able to maintain his health” through the intake of chemical-free vegetables, said LAC President Guillermo Saret Jr.

The materials produced by LAC will help its parent company, PLI, in its research into herbal medicine.

PLI has been pouring money into researching herbal drugs ever since the Department of Health (DOH) and the National Integrated Research Program on Medicinal Plants (NIRPROMP) made the area a priority a few decades ago.

These companies are looking at other plants as potential herbal medicines, such as yerba buena to reduce headaches, acapulco to help cure fungal disease, and sambong to reduce high uric acid levels in the blood.

One of the most important researches they are engaging in is in the control, if not cure, of diabetes.  This disease alone kills a great deal of humans worldwide.  PLI has forged a new and healthier way of growing and maintaining these organic materials that will one day make breakthroughs into some of the most common, yet sometimes deadly, diseases afflicting many people.


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