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How Would You Know If It Is Organic at the Farmer’s Market?

1-15 How Would You Know If It Is Organic at the Farmer’s Market (2)How can you find an organic food at a farmer’s market? As you all know by now, the foods you see at a farmer’s market are not all organic. Some of them are selling GMO products and chemical-filled goods.


No matter how friendly and full of good vibes the farmer’s market is, still, you do not go to one just to cool yourself. You go there to pick the healthiest foods—foods that will benefit your family’s health a thousand-fold. It is not a sin if you become picky and discerning. That’s your right. Besides, you’ll be using your money for it—so you might as well choose rightly, right?


So, how can you really know that the food you are eyeing on comes from an organic farm? There are three questions you should ask as you walk through the farmer’s market:


Who Grew These Foods?


You must understand that there are two kinds of farmer’s market: (1) The one resembling a farmer’s market, and (2) the other that only the producers are allowed to sell. The latter is the real deal.


The first one is just trying to patterns its systems and atmosphere of a real farmer’s market. But the reality is that they are just reselling the goods they bought wholesale. Some of the foods they are selling are exported from distant states or other countries. If the foods they are selling are not from the US, these can be harvested from farms with unfair working condition. If these are foods are coming from outside the country, one cannot be sure if these were grown through pesticides and fertilizers.


Thus, it is important to ask who grew the foods you are about to purchase.


Are These Foods Certified Organic?


How can you be sure that the food you are about to buy comes from a certified organic farm? That’s easy in the US. The Department of Agriculture is the one that certified those farmers who are really growing organic foods. You can see if the goods in the farmer’s market are certified if they have USDA approval. The department is actually giving the farmers certificates. You can look for their USDA certificate if you want to be sure.


What is In Season Nowadays?


You can already see if the foods are organic or not if you ask this question. If you see a bunch of foods which are not in season, then these may not be local or organic. If what they are selling is organic, then it should be consistent with the season—because that’s how natural process works.

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