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Organic Farms in Fredrick County

Did you know that Organic produce is where the business is? The total U.S. food and beverage sales in 2010 was nearly $26.7 billion which is a  7.7-percent growth from 2009. People are becoming more aware of what they are putting into their bodies, and they are learning that organic is better thus more people are buying.

By summertime, a new farm will spring forth with ripe, luscious, red organic strawberries. This will be the first strawberry patch for the Biggins. They already sell organic eggs, garlic, and chicken. They are getting in on all the action in Fredrick county. Organic is wherre the business is for them like it is for many other farmers in Fredrick County.

There are twenty four Twenty-four certified by MDA organic farms in Frederick County as of 2011. This is more than any other county in the state, and that is a fact. The number of Organic farms is on the rise as two more farms are expected to be approved as organic farms in Fredrick County for this year. Tha isn’t including the Biggins new strawberry patch that has just been approved.

It is not easy being green with all the mandatory certification that costs farmers an arm and a leg, however, it looks like Fredrick County is doing it and coming in the top with organic sales.


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