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5 Major Benefits of Organic Soil You Should Know About

A lot of people are talking about organic soil nowadays. If you check out various Internet blogs and discussion boards, you will see a considerable amount of information floating about it. Perhaps you are planning to use organic soil for your farm. Is it a good idea then?

Basically, what is organic soil? It is soil that has been kept away from the addition of any organic fertilizer and chemicals of any other sort such as pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, bactericides, etc. The soil is kept completely natural. No synthetic substances are allowed to come in contact with it, not even water that has been treated with chemicals. Usually, fertilizers laden with chemicals are added to the soil in agricultural farms, but with organic soil, the fertility methods are completely natural, such as crop rotation and such. The methods to treat this soil’s fertility are all biological and natural.

So, how does this soil prove to be better than the usual soil that we have been using for so long? Is it really worth it to go the extra mile to retain your soil’s organic nature? Let us take a look at the benefits.

1.    Organic soil is completely devoid of any synthetic chemicals. With usual soil, the chemicals that are added to make it more fertile enter into the crops. When we consume the crops, these chemicals enter our bodies as well, and they can cause health problems. The common health problems that are produced are skin conditions, allergies, developmental disorders, mental disorders and they can even increase the risk of cancer. That’s one of the reasons why organic soil is recommended today. This soil provides healthier crops that are better for the body.

2.    By using organic soil, you are helping the environment. No chemicals in these soils mean that there are no toxic substances released into the environment. The water used for irrigation stays pure as it does not get mixed with chemical ingredients that may be added to the soil. The atmosphere stays cleaner as well. In fact, most environmentally-conscious people today are propounding the use of organic soil for this reason.

3.    A lot of people feel that organic soil makes the food taste better. With ordinary soil, the chemicals that may seep into the crops can drastically alter the taste of the fruits and vegetables, even to the point of becoming unpalatable. Organic soil helps in maintaining their natural taste and flavor.

4.    Organic soil ensures that the nutrient value of the food stays intact. If chemicals are added to the soil, the fruits and vegetables tend to absorb more water in order to cope with the higher chemical content. Due to that, these fruits and vegetables get a ‘watered down’ taste. The water may also carry away some of the nutrients with it, which reduces the nutritional value of the foods.

5.    Another essential point is that organic soil helps in conserving water and even soil. When kept organic, soil doesn’t get degraded easily. Due to the biological practices used, the water stays healthier as well.

Hence, there are several advantages you stand to get if you use organic soil. Even though it may mean a little more work, it is worth it, especially because you get the satisfaction that you are doing your bit for the environment.

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