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Planting Horseradish in Your Garden

Planting Horseradish in Your Garden


Horseradish is a powerhouse of health benefits, a superfood with a very high level of glucosinolates that is known to fight cancer. This herb can also help lower your blood pressure, improve your immune system, helps develop strong bones, enhance healthy digestion and can help you lose weight.

Horseradish has a pungent root that can enhance and gives a zesty flavor to a lot of dishes like fish, meat, seafood and salad dressing. They do well when added to sauces, mayonnaise and dips. These are just some of the good reasons to include horseradish in your organic garden.

Horseradish is a sturdy perennial vegetable that will grow anywhere and with a minimum care. Ideally planted from root cutting instead of growing it from seed, which can be difficult especially for a neophyte gardener. Horseradish is very-easy to grow and are prolific as well. It’s best to plant them away from the rest of your garden as they are a very invasive plant, or you can plant them in large terra cotta pot. In this way you can control their growth.

How to grow this wonderful herb.

To plant this horseradish, you need to get some root cuttings which you can easily get from your local farmers market or from a neighbor growing them. It’s best that your cuttings come from organically grown horseradish which are pesticide and chemical free. The cut must be slant on the tapered end and planted downward.

Pick the sunniest spot and prepare the soil by tilling the area about eight inches deep. Create a furrow six inches deep and add some organic compost to get your horseradish root off to a good start. If you’re planting in a container, simply fill in and mix your potting soil with some organic compost.

Now that the soil is ready, you can lay your root cutting in a 45 degree angle with the tapered and slanted cut end pointing downward. The top end must be at least two inches below the surface of the soil and topped with some mulch to help keep it from running dry. Have at least 18 inches between each root for proper spacing and air circulation. Keep watering the roots regularly until you see new shoots emerging from the soil and after which you can water deeply once a week. Keep your new plants always moist and remove any weeds you see.

Harvest time. Its best practice to do your harvesting the next spring where horseradish is more flavorful and hottest. To pick the roots, loosen the soil with a garden fork and pull the root gently with your hand. Cut the tops and brush away the soil from the root.

Store them in a plastic bag unwashed, and keep in the fridge, they will stay fresh for three months or so. Have fun gardening!

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