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Principles For A Successful Organic Farming

Principles For A Successful Organic FarmingThe main foundation of organic farming is all about land stewardship in order for the land to be still productive in generations. It is not a new issue regarding such matter in farming. However, from manual labor people saw how fast the technology eats the usual farming techniques. Synthetic fertilizers were affordably manufactured and tractors quickly replace manual labor. Farmers all over the world saw the sudden change in farming. They saw an industrialized growth as time pass. However, they still want to practice being the stewards of the land so they began to study and develop methods that increased long term productivity of the land. Thus, practice farming with that stewardship benefit. This type of farming soon known to the people as organic farming.

Let us tackle about the principles of farming that saves land productivity. The philosophy organic production of food maintains specific principles by which it leads to long term growth of the land known to be biodiversity, sustainability, ecological balance, natural pest management, natural plant fertilization and soil integrity. Since there are a variety of products and practices, there are methods in which these principles are applied.

In traditional terms, organic food production has specific characteristics that could maintain land integrity and benefited the next generations. They are grown and raised by a producer who utilizes practices that promotes balance together with the natural environment, utilizing methods and materials that could minimize negative outcome to the environment we are living. In organic farming, farmers are committed to reproducing environment ecology by maintaining biodiversity and promoting soil integrity and growing conditions.

In organic production of foods, they must be produced on land that has been free from toxic chemicals and chemical pesticides and even the use of fertilizers at about three years before the issuance of the certificate and synthetic fertilizers and pesticides must not be used in production of foods from these organic farms. They must be planted on a rotating basis within the technique of the farm system. Crops must be rotated from fields to fields, rather than applying the growing method of the same crop in the same place every year.

With regards to organic meat, poultry and egg products must come from plants that use organic feeds and must not administer added hormones for the promotion of growth or any antibiotics that may be used and they allow the animals the space and freedom to behave naturally.

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