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How Do You Get Rid of Springtime Bugs?

2-8 Springtime BugThemes are changing around the block: It’s springtime. Flowers are starting to blossom. Different colors are just everywhere. But in an organic farm, springtime comes with a bit of  problem: Bugs—the spring versions.


Because of the drastic change from cold weather to a warm season, some stink bugs are getting out from their winter hideouts. During this blossoming period, these creatures are finding for food and mates. First in their iteneraries is an organic farm, filled with rich and healthy crops. Especially this season where in the stems and the leaves re fresh.


What should you do in order to prevent these pests? Well, first, farmers should know their enemies. Here are some characteristics of these stink bugs:


  1. The mouth of these pests can both pierce and suck.
  2. They are not picky creatures—they will not choose what to eat. Everything they see in your organic farm will be at risk.
  3. They can easily hop from one crop to another.
  4. They can be hosted by a wide variety of plants.
  5. There are no sufficient predetors that can stop them.


Now, after knowing what they are dealing with, here are ways to fight these bugs:




Since these bugs are mobile and can be everywhere, a lot of experts are in favor of traps. There are a lot traps. One of the most effective is pheromone trap. Pheromone is a substance that can naturally allure the pests. Thus, even how mobile these bugs are, when they sense the pheromone, it will irrisistable to them.


Sacrificial Plants


There is a wise way to get rid of these pests: Sacrificial plants. You can play a trick on these enemies. Plant early their favorite crops such as sweet corn, amaranth and okra. In this way, you can make them come ut in their hiding places earlier. Set the traps beside these plants in order to seal the deal.


Call for Backup


Although these bugs are manier than their predetors, you can still trust some creatures in exterminating these pests. Their usual enemies are ants, lacewings and ladybird beetles. What’s good with these enemies are they attack the eggs of the pests.




If the above methods are not working,you can always handpick these bugs. All you have to do is wear a glove with soapy water in order for these pests to be stuck. Just one important tip: you can always find their eggs underneat the leaves.

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