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Simple Step-by-Step Process of Making Organic Gardens

Fall Line Farms; cooperative, co-op; Richmond, VAPresently, the number of organic gardens is increasing quickly. This is an indication that more and more people are now engaging in healthy and environmentally-friendly life. For individuals who want to engage in organic gardening, below are some of the simple tips on organic gardening that they can try.


  • Selecting the crops properly. There are plenty of crops available in the groceries and markets today. It is important not to pick any crop, but instead selects crops that are based on the condition of the land and the climate.
  • Look for proper containers. Look for the right containers in order to have a head start in organic gardening. Once it has already grown to a decent length, homeowners can already transfer it to the soil of the garden. While in the process of growing its decent length, gardeners should prepare the soil with loam, clay and other essential organic matter. When speaking of the containers, each should have four inches deep. They can be purchased at garden centers. When cleaning the containers before planting the seeds, one tip that gardeners could apply is to clean it with a solution containing chlorine bleach and lukewarm water. Leave it in the open air to remove the remaining residues.
  • Buy planting mix packets for standby. Start purchasing planting mix when preparing for organic gardening. These essentials will help gardeners in promoting healthy growth of the plants. Moreover, keep extras when possible. When purchasing packets for planting mix, make sure that they are sterile for the plants.
  • Label the containers. A lot of starters fail to label their container when practicing organic gardening. Most of them forgot that plants during sprouting stage are similar in appearance. This will make gardeners difficult to differentiate which plant is which. Thus, labelling is essential in preventing gardeners to plant the same seeds over again.
  • Provide sufficient light. For those who are living near high-rise buildings, they might be blocked from sunlight, which results in unavailability of it to the plants. With these, fluorescent light tubes can be an alternative lighting for these plants in order for them to grow.


These are just some of the noteworthy organic gardening tips that can be utilized for interested individuals who plan to set up an organic garden. Following these tips will help people save from a lot of trouble in the future. Moreover, it will guarantee high yields of organic food crops over time.

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