Posted February 24, 2012 by atanas in Information

The Best States for Organic Farming

Organic farms have become an important and essential part of life over the last few decades, cementing themselves within their communities and localities. People are slowly beginning to realize that organic farming is incredibly beneficial, not only to their health, the earth and their communities, but also society as a whole. People who advocate organic farming are advocating natural foods – no pesticides or fertilizers, used in all major industrial farms.

While there is an organic farm in virtually every state in the US, there are some states who have jumped at the idea of organic farming much more eagerly than others have. From Alaska to New York, organic farming has spread like wildfire and hopefully is here to stay.
Now, the question may arise of which is the best state in the USA for organic farming? While being a valid and interesting question, the answer may not be as simple as it first appears.

What do we mean by the ‘best’ state? One that has the most organic farms? A state which has the biggest? One that has not only impacted the lives of the community, but also of a generation? Well, I will try to answer as best I can.
To my knowledge, the state that has the most organic farms is most likely California, which an incredible number of precisely 232 registered organic farms. This is certainly an incredible feat; the second is New York, with 77 registered.
However, this doesn’t actually answer the question of which is the best state for organic farming, just which state has the most organic farms? When thinking of farming in general, most don’t tend to think of California, instead opting to picture a quieter, more rural state. For example, whilst Alabama has under 20 organic farms, one questions the size. It is such that 1 farm in Alabama is the size of perhaps 20 in California – remember, quality over quantity.

This brings us to our next question – which state has the biggest organic farms? This is particularly difficult to answer, although Arizona has a number of huge 10,000 acre farms. Again though, this doesn’t answer our question.
Now, what would answer our question is perhaps which state’s organic farming has impacted the community and lives of others? For something to truly be the best, surely it would have had to positively had an effect on the lives of many? Whether just within its community, or perhaps made an entire generation to wake up and realize the benefits of organic farming.

In this case, if this is the question we have come to, then I would say that many states in the USA, too many to list, are all ‘the best’, if we define the best as something that has touched the lives of others. Many, many organic farms in numerous states have become an integral part of the community, providing education, healthy food and a whole lifestyle to people who would’ve otherwise been lost. without them, and for this fact alone I would say that the best state for organic farming in the USA is all of them.

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