Posted June 29, 2012 by ToniB in News

Switching to Organic Farming will Pay Off

If you currently farm to produce vegetables and fruits, and other plants at local markets and other places, you may be able to benefit greatly by switching to organic farming. The demand for organic goods is on the rise, and if you can change your ways, to create these organic goods, you’ll be able to make more profit. People pay more money to eat foods that they know aren’t sprayed with harsh pesticides, or grown with toxic fertilizers, and farmers who are raising livestock also want to purchase organic foods in bulk, so they can sell organic meat to consumers.

When you look in stores on the shelves, most fruits and vegetables have regular options, and also organic options. The cost of organic is higher, but people are still willing to pay for these vegetables. For farmers who sell their products at local farmers markets, from their own property, and to local stores, you’re going to charge more for these organic goods. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to switch over to organic farming, but it may take some time. You want to use only 100 percent organic fertilizers and mulch, along with pesticides, and it may take a while to get rid of the soil you currently use.

Not only do consumers want to eat healthy fruits and vegetables that are grown organically, but they also want to eat meat that is organic. Farmers are willing to by mass amounts of organic products to feed their livestock, and this is a profitable market to get into. Even if you have just a small home garden that you use to sell vegetables from, you’ll want to start planning your change so you can prep the soil properly for next season, and so you can start growing organic products.

There is a lot of money to be made in organic farming, and making the change isn’t going to cost you a lot. By creating your own organic compost throughout the year, and using it to mulch and fertilize your own products, you’re going to save a lot of money, and you know there will be no chemicals in the products you’re growing. If you currently earn an income from your garden and farming, look into making the change. The demand for organic products is there, and it’s only going to rise.

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