Posted December 13, 2012 by Troy in Farming

Tips on Getting Rid of Weed Problems

Weeds are one of the many problems faced by organic farmers and gardeners. Some weeds are helpful but some are not—the latter are the ones that grow fast and out beat your plants for soil nutrients, moisture, and sunlight. If your farm or garden is crowded with weeds, it will be more difficult to nurture new plants.

The problem is one weed can produce up to 250,000 seeds. Even if you are wise enough to pull the weeds, there will be more seeds to come. They will arrive through water overflow, air, and birds.

Here are some tips for you in order to get rid the weeds in your farm or garden:


You Must Know Your Enemy

In order to perfectly defend your plants from weeds, you must understand well what you are up against. Some weeds have shallow roots such as chickweed, purslane, miner’s lettuce, and some other grasses. Others have deeper roots like comfrey, thistles, and dock. These two kinds of weeds must have different approaches. Thus, you must know first what kinds of weeds are in your farm or garden. Then, after that, you can now search for the right approach.


Wait Until They’re Dry

Some weeds like those annuals (shallow-rooted) are easy to get rid if they’re dry. So, what you must do is to wait for the warm weather and let the weeds dry for several days. Then, if the weeds are dry already, attack them by using trowel, hoe or rake. This process will make sure that the weeds are dead even if you leave some of their roots under the soil.


Give Them Shower

You cannot pull deep-rooted or perennial weeds out from a dry soil. In order to remove them, you need to wait when the soil is wet. You can wait for the rainfall or you can wet the soil by using your hose. The water will make the soil loose and so you have the opportunity to pull out the weeds.


Comb the Grass Out of the Beds

If your problems are grasses like Bermuda or Johnson, you must use a pitchfork to comb the beds—this is before planting in spring. Keep on combing the soil until it’s loose for planting. The points of the pitchfork will get the buried roots of the grass, then you can remove them by your hands.


Cook the Enemies

If you want to get rid of a large-scale weed problem, what you can do is to cover the soil with a sheet of plastic in order to bake the weeds, depriving them of the light. To have better result, you must wet the soil before covering it. Leave the plastic for 3 weeks. This will work whether it’s sunny or cold.

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