Posted February 15, 2013 by Troy in Farming

How to Make Your Tomatoes Stand Tall?

TomatoAt any organic farm, tomatoes must grow in a heavy-duty wire and super sturdy cages. Organic means you have to improvise naturally in order to gain the aimed farming objectives. These vertical, square columns are the ones that make the tomatoes stand tall—even in the midst of strong wind and other weather catastrophe. What’s good with having tomato cages in an organic farm is that it can be used for a very long time.

Why are they so sturdy and durable, this article will about to find out.

First of all, these said cages should be built from livestock panels. It should be rigid and has 16-foot fence sections. It should be constructed out of heavy-gauge, solidified wire.

But in building fences like these, you should always keep in mind your animals. Organic also means free living farm animals. An organic farm should encourage biodiversity. Thus, your cages should have various types of openings for different kinds of farm animals. For example, if you have cattle then you should make panels which are 50 inches tall with 8-inch by 6-inch openings.

In addition to this, the openings will also serve as your way in as you pick ripe tomatoes—you should make it wider, though.


Now, here are the ways in order to build a sturdy and long-lasting cage (not only for tomatoes but also for all your crops).

  1. The materials you need are:
    1. Plank (6-foot long)
    2. Box wrench (5 / 8 inches)
    3. Bolt cutter
  2. Use the bolt cutter to cut a panel section of 6 and half feet long. However, you should leave the horizontal wire stubs together with the cut edge. If you have pickup trucks, then you can do this at the store where you buy the said items.
  3. After doing Step 2, you can now lay down the section on the soil. You should measure and mark a line of 18 inches from the panel side without the wire stubs. From here, you’ll make the first bend. After doing so, you should place the plank in order for its edge to align with the marks. Ask for help and bend the panel upward while standing on the plank—make sure to make a 90-degree angle.
  4. For two times, repeat Step 2 and 3. In the 3rd bend, make sure that the sides of the 2 panels will meet.
  5. In order to connect the 2 panel sides, you should slip the box wrench’s ring end over a wire stub. After that, bend the stub till it twists around the vertical wire on the other side of the panel.
  6. Last, you should cut the horizontal wire at the cage’s base. Make sure to leave the vertical wire ends in order to stabilize the cage.



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