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What to do After Tulip Plant has Finished Blooming?

With the arrival of spring, Tulip may start blossoming in early, late or mid spring. The period of blooming is lovely and fast. Usually, tulip flowers bloom for approximately two weeks before its petals droop and curl up. But if you have bought good bulbs, then it may blossom longer than that. Dutch Grown is one place where you can buy good quality tulip bulbs at best affordable price.

Why Re-Grow Your Tulip Bulb?
Planting and nourishing tulip bulbs are time consuming and require great effort. And, if you are planning to buy some exotic tulip bulbs, then it may cost you higher. Also, if you are planning to plant wholesale tulip bulbs, then it may turn out to be tiresome. But, if you preserve them correctly, then it may blossom next year. This will save your money, time and effort of planting new bulbs every year.

How To Prepare Your Tulip Plant For Replanting?
To encourage re-growing of tulip plant, you need to remove dead flowers from the plant to boost the growth of new ones. When you cut apart the dead tulip petals, the stem is left with seed pods on them. The tulip will keep taking up all necessary nutrients from the soil in order to feed seed pods. The seed pods take all of the energy required by bulbs to re-grow, but the flowers will not bloom again. Therefore, if you remove the seed pod from the stem, the nutrients taken by tulip from the soil are stored in the bulb itself, giving a new life to your bulb.

Removing of the seed pod is really easy. Just grab a pair of sharp scissors, and cut off the seed pod from around one inch below from the tulip plant. Once you are done with removing the flowers, leave the rest of it as the way they are. Let the plant dry up and turn to brown color naturally. When the leaves turn to yellow or brown color, cut them whole from the ground.

How To Replant Them?
These tulip bulbs underground will remain inactive until months of fall. So, in the mid of summer, dig out these bulbs from the ground. Let these bulbs dry and trim their roots off. Pack these bulbs in a plastic bag and freeze them until appropriate fall planting season. Before replanting them, let the bulbs warm up to the normal room temperature. In spite of our best care, tulip bulbs do not always guarantee to grow well again next year. It may blossom with smaller flowers and less vibrant colors.

If you are planning to buy tulip bulbs in large quantity, then it may cost you higher. So, to get in bulk at the best price, pre-order them from Dutch Grown in the month of spring or summer as bulbs then are available at discounted price. Also, while buying early you have a better chance to get a specific bulb of your choice. When you will go to buy in a fall season, you may have to pay a higher price and bulbs you want may not be available at that time. If you have pre-ordered, your shipment will be delivered in the planting season.

Hence, the actual process of replanting of tulip bulbs starts after the months of their blossoming and you have to be very careful with trimming and cutting them from the ground if you want to replant them. Also, preserving them for the months of planting is also needs sincere attention.

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