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Why Should the U.S. Government Subsidized Organic Foods?

Why Should the U.S. Government Subsidized Organic FoodsWhy is it necessary for the United States government to subsidize the production of organic foods? The answer is easy: Organic foods can support the continuing existence of the nation in many ways than one. According to an official organic farming blog, here are some of the benefits organic foods can bring to the people of the United States:


Benefits of Organic Foods in the US


It can provide healthy foods to the people


Organic farming embraces the natural ways. It has no artificiality. It despises the use of pesticides and fertilizers, which are substances that could endanger the health of those working around the farm and could bring illnesses and diseases to those who will eat its products.


Thus, the goods being harvested from the an organic farm are 100% healthy and safe. The U.S. government should support anything that promotes good welfare of its people. It is clear that organic foods are worthy of the government funds.


It can fight Global Warming


An official organic farming blog proves that soils from organic farms can contain and restrain more carbon dioxide and prevent them from reaching the dying atmosphere. Thus, as farmers shift to organic farming, more and more carbon dioxide elements are being held and kept from harming the planet.


With its capacity to save the planet, organic farming is indeed worthy to be subsidized by the U.S. government.


More income for the farmers


The demand for organic and healthy foods is increasing year after year. People are becoming conscious about their health and so they become more picky on the food they eat. This uprising mindset benefits the organic farmers. More money goes to their once-empty pockets.


The U.S. government should support any endeavor that will enrich its people. They should subsidize organic farming so that the good income of the rural farmers will continue.


Ways to Subsidized Organic Farming


There are many lawful ways to subsidize organic agriculture. Here are some of them:


Direct Payments


In this subsidy, the U.S. government will directly give the farmer the cash they need.


Marketing Loan


In this program, the farmers can loan from the USDA and use their crops as their collateral.


Counter-cyclical Payments


The government gives larger subsidies to farmers with lower market prices.




With this subsidy, the U.S. government provides revenue and yield insurances. This is to protect them from pests, bad weathers, and low market price.


Agricultural Research and Statistics


In order to develop more the organic farming industry, the U.S. government can support the researches being done to enhance the industry.

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